The smart tactical mirror-site that uses strategically positioned mirrors, enabling you to engage targets from the safety of cover and shoot around corners with precision. Trusted by military and law enforcement globally. 

The Cornerscope redefines CQB strategy, battle preparedness and peach of mind.                                         


With the Cornerscope, you control the battlefield.    The unique ability to engage from safety ensures that you dictate the terms of battle,  leaving your enemies at an extreme disadvantage.

Engage from Cover

View Through Scope

Access from Either Side

Aim from Safety

Made With Marine Grade, Stainless Steel

The unibody design is made from a solid, single-piece of steel and two front surface mirrors, 3 parts in total!  Simply install onto your Picatinny rail using our RailLock technology with no tools, batteries, or adjustments needed.

Don't Get Pinned Down Without It

The Reflectoscope offers a safer close-quarter battle strategy and enhances your situational advantage.

Aim From Safety

The Reflectoscope can be mounted on most Picatinny  rails and is compatible with nearly all other accessories.

Picatinny Rail Mounted

Rifle and Shotgun

Pistol Mount

Red-Dot, Laser, Flashlight Compatible


Additional versions of the Reflectoscope can also be used on fire hoses, construction and for medical applications. 

Innovation in the following industries is underway


• Fire and Rescue     

• HVAC Systems      
• Telecommunications


• Dentistry           

• Forensics       
• Surgical

Heavy Industry 

• Mining

• Construction
• Railway Maintenance    
• Pipeline Inspection
• Marine Equipment Inspection 


• Specialized Camera Systems

• Microscopy
• Telescope Inspection 

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